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Jurnal Empirika adalah jurnal yang memuat ragam disiplin keilmuan yang terkait dengan pengembangan pola pikir dan dinamika intelektual.



 Iwan Ahenda


Essentialism recognizes the diversity of cultural essentialism in accordance with the general education program that differs substantially in content. The adherents of the Essential Public education does not do a general survey of learning in all cultures, but just doing intensive deepening. Idealism is more widely and openly shown by the nature of which should ideally have the same truth, which is present for all cultures and time and can be understood with the ideal shape. Essentialism is education based on cultural values that have been around since the beginning of human civilization. Essentialism appears in the Renaissance with the principal characteristics that are different from progressivism. The main difference is in providing basic education rests on the full flexibility, where as well as open to change, tolerant and there is no linkage with a particular doctrine. Essentialism view that education must be grounded in the values that have clear and durable that provides stability and the values that have chosen a clear layout. Education can be seen in the two sides, namely: (1) education as a practice and (2) education as a theory. Education as a practice that is a set of activities or activities that can be observed and realized in order to help others (read: students) in order to obtain behavior change. While the theory of education as a set of knowledge that has been systematically arranged which serves to explain, describe, predict and control the various symptoms and educational events, both from educational experiences (empirical) and the results are profound reflections to see the meaning of education in a broader context.

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